Public Deliverables

Over its four years of research, the LUCA project will achieve a number of key results on its path to creating a novel, point-of-care, low-cost device for the screening of thyroid nodules. The list below contains the project's public deliverables.

Name Date Link
Preliminary data analysis of subjects with thyroid nodules 2019-10-31 D5.6 Preliminary data analysis of subjects with thyroid nodules.pdf
Preliminary data analysis of healthy subjects 2019-10-31 D5.5 Preliminary data analysis of healthy subjects.pdf
Preliminary report on clinical validation 2019-10-31 D5.7 Preliminary report on clinical validation.pdf
Fully functional LUCA system 2019-02-11 D3.5 Fully functional LUCA system.pdf
Approval by ethical committees 2019-02-01 D5.2 Approval by ethical committees.pdf
Report on the dissemination activity Y3 2019-02-01 D6.7 Report on Dissemination Activity Y3.pdf
Communication kit update. 2018-01-31 D6.11 Communication kit update.pdf
Report on Dissemination Activity Y2.pdf 2018-01-31 D6.6 Report on Dissemination Activity Y2.pdf
Optical-Ultrasound Phantom Kit 2017-07-31 D4.3 Provision of a optical-ultrasound phantom kit.pdf
Report on Dissemination and Communication Activities Y1 2016-12-30 D6.5 Report on Dissemination Activity Y1.pdf
Dissemination and Communication Plan 2016-07-31 D6.4 Dissemination and communication plan.pdf
Project Management and Quality Assurance Plan 2016-04-30 D1.2 Project management and quality assurance plan.pdf
Data Management Plan 2016-04-30 D1.8 Data Management Plan.pdf
Dissemination Material 2016-04-30 D6.1 Dissemination material.pdf
Video 2016-04-30 D6.3 Video.pdf
Project Website 2016-04-30 D6.2 Project Website.pdf
Project Presentation 2016-02-29 D6.10 Project Presentation.pdf