LUCA Policy Brief

Over the past 2 years, LUCA has actively participated in the “Common Dissemination Booster”, a pilot programme of the European Commission to boost dissemination capabilities and outreach together with two other projects: SOLUS (Smart optical and ultrasound diagnostics of breast cancer, led by POLIMI) and PAMMOTH (Photoacoustic/Ultrasound Mammoscopy for evaluating screening-detected abnormalities in the breast, led by the University of Twente).

As part of this programme, the three projects have collaborated on a joint policy brief entitled "Protecting society through innovative technologies for cancer screening" to raise awareness of the potential of photonics technologies to enhance screening accuracy.

LUCA, PAMMOTH and SOLUS are all developing multi-modal approaches that show great promise for the future of smart screening. Based upon the experience of these projects, the policy brief sets out a number of recommendations for strong policy formulation supporting the goals of improved screening and reducing costly unnecessary surgeries, and the promotion of innovation technologies for screening in the medical field and beyond:

Recommendation #1: Enhanced Non-Invasive Breast and Thyroid Cancer Screening Programmes

Recommendation #2: Promotion of Innovative Photonics-based Technologies in Medicine and Beyond

Recommendation #3: Improving the Time-to-Market for Innovative Photonics-based Technologies

Read the policy brief in full here.

Posted on Thursday 21 November 2019