LUCA at ECR 2017 - Watch Online

Multimodal imaging with diffuse optics for cancer theranostics

EIBIR 2 - EU Research on Cancer Imaging

Friday, March 3, 08:30-10:00; Room M2

Turgut Durduran, Barcelona/ES

A special session at ECR 2017 organised by LUCA partner EIBIR focused on EU research in the field of cancer imaging. Prof. Turgut Durduran, LUCA Scientific coordinator, delivered a presentation during the session about the use of a new multimodal imaging technology with diffuse optics for cancer detection and the objectives of the LUCA project.

A video of the session is available to watch on demand on ECR Online. The video can be viewed free of charge but registration is required.

Posted on Friday 10 March 2017