Beyond Absolute

In February 2018, LUCA was selected by the VERTIGO project to host an Artistic Residency to boost the project's innovation process and dissemination efforts. Meanwhile, the artist Reiko Yamada has developed an artistic project called "Beyond Absolute" which will be based on the results of the LUCA project.

Beyond Absolute will have two components: The first is the creation of personalized acousmatic soundscapes based on the data generated by the LUCA diagnostic device in conjunction with sonic alterations that represent the subjective mindset of the patients. These acousmatic soundscapes would be as portable and non-site-specific as the LUCA device itself.

The second component of the project consists in an interactive audio-visual installation that presents such soundscapes together with visible laser projections whose patterns would be partly determined by the movements of the audience members through installation space, and partly by the behavior of light in the LUCA device.

The title of the project refers both to the representational character of the work proposed here (as opposed to absolute music), but also to the effort it makes to transcend, without denying, the objective physiological measurements at the root of modern scientific medicine.


Posted on Wednesday 20 February 2019